16ft. Wood Garage Kits

Wood garage Kit

the West Virginia


Sturdy-Built Truss System:
  • 30 lbs snow load / 140 mph max wind load
  • 2x6 trusses
Clear Span Loft:
  • Full second floor loft with 7ft. 1in. headroom
  • 3/4" Structurwood decking and 2x8 floor joists
Pre-primed Siding:
  • Siding - 3/8" L. P. (Louisiana Pacific) Smartside Ext. Paneling w/50 year limited warranty
2 Story garage kit with large loft

The West Virginia is designed as a single car garage but could easily be a workshop or both. Room enough to add shelving or work benches as needed. The second floor loft is clearspan and could be used for storage or more workspace. The construction provides for an 8ft. wide x 7ft. high garage door. Garage door is not included which allows the homeowner to purchase the style and color of their choice.

The 16ft. wide West Virginia provides two floors that are not obstructed with interior walls or supports. High side walls on the lower level can be insulated if desired. The loft area offers 7ft. 1in. of headroom at center with plenty of room for storage right to the outside walls. Available in 20ft., 24ft., 28ft. and 32ft. lengths the West Virginia offers up to 1,000 sq. ft. of floor space. Choose the size that is appropriate for your particular needs.

One 28in. x 38in. and one 36in. x 36in. single hung insulated windows with shutters are included. During construction you can install the windows in the location of your choosing. The garage door can be positioned offset left or right of center. The included 'L' shaped stair kit can be installed in either of the back corners opposite the garage door.

The West Virginia can be built on various foundation types. Cement slab, basement, post and beam wood floors are typical foundation choices. The type you build will be dicated by your requirements and may vary based on local building codes.

Sold in home centers in the US and Japan Best Barns has been producing quality building kits for 30 years. Best Barns passes on additional savings to you because they work with a local home center nearest you providing material to finish your new storage shed for professional results.

* Garage door purchased separately. Shingles and paint purchased separately.
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Assembly Steps

Walls are shipped K.D. (knocked down) field assembly required. The wall studs are pre-cut and spaced 16" on center. Exterior siding is LP (Louisiana Pacific) primed siding. Learn more - click on siding tab above. Wall Assembly
Richmond Truss

2x6 roof trusses are shipped pre-cut for precise field assembly. Engineered to withstand high wind loads of 130 mph 3 second gust and heavy snow loads of 60 lbs. psf. Trusses provide clear span with a generous 7ft. 1in. headroom in the center.

Roof shingles are not included and purchased locally by owner.


Primed 3/8" wood siding, with vertical grooves, creates an attractive plank look.

Smart Panel, manufactured by Lousiana-Pacific, creates the visual beauty of real wood with the strength and durability of an engineered product.

The siding is made from wood strands, pressed into a resin saturated substrate, superior to plywood. A cedar texture is embossed into the substrate, free from knot holes and patches. Other features include:

  • Primed, ready for paint color of your choice. Latex acrylic paint recommended.
  • Treated with Composibor (from U.S. Borax) prevents fungal decay and insect damage.
  • Backed with a 50 year limited warranty.
Shed Siding Example


Virginia Garage Loft

The West Virginia has a clear span 2nd floor loft for additional storage. The headroom is 7ft. 1in.giving you plenty of room for an office or shelves or studio.

3/4" OSB Tongue and Groove over 2x10 floor joists increase floor strength. A full loft floor enables you to assemble, then erect 2x6 roof trusses and roof on the loft platform.

The gable's are designed to optionally install a window up to 44in. wide x 47in. high. Window purchased locally by homeowner.




(2) Two single hung insulated windows with screens & raised panel shutters are included. Shutters can be painted to the color of your choice (paint not included). One window is 28in. x 38in. and the other is 36in. x 36in.

28in. x 38in. Window

36in. x 36in. Window


The garage door is not included. Homeowner purchases the style and color garage door from a home center local to them. We recommend considering hiring a professional to install track and door.


The included stairs are 'L' shaped and are designed so the landing in the second floor is exactly center of the building.

Shed Kit Stair Package Shed Kit Stair Package


The below images are of a similar model the Richmond 16ft. x 24ft.

Best Barns Richmond - Roanoke shed kit Best Barns Richmond - Roanoke shed kit Best Barns Richmond - Roanoke shed kit Best Barns Richmond - Roanoke shed kit Best Barns Richmond - Roanoke shed kit Best Barns Richmond - Roanoke shed kit


Best Barns Richmond - Roanoke shed kit Best Barns Richmond - Roanoke shed kit

Permit Info

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Below is information that your local permiting office may need prior to construction. Please check with the permit office before purchasing.
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